How to Stop Armpit Sweating?

How to Stop Armpit SweatingSweating while working out in the gym or on a very hot day is natural and not a big deal. Sweat removes toxins from the body and protects against overheating. All uncomfortable and aesthetic problems associated with it are eliminated by simple adherence to hygiene rules. But if you are worried about excessive sweating, you need to seek professional help. The diagnosis of hypohidrosis is not a sentence, and the earlier treatment is started, the better the result will be.

Is it possible to cope with armpit hyperhidrosis?

Frequent and severe sweating of the armpits indicates the presence of hyperhidrosis, a condition that at least brings a person discomfort, embarrassment when being in the company of other people, even psychological problems. Hyperhidrosis is rarely managed with the help of conventional hygiene products and folk methods. The result from them, unfortunately, is either insignificant or very short-effective. How to stop armpit sweating? You can contact the center of plastic surgery and cosmetology, where injection methods are used to treat hyperhidrosis.

Why there is increased sweating?

Most common reasons

Frequent underarms sweating can be the result of wearing clothes made of synthetic materials, non-observance of the rules of personal hygiene, improper lifestyle (alcohol intoxication, overeating). During overheating, increased physical activity, prolonged nervous tension, profuse sweating is also found. If the underlying cause is eliminated, hyperhidrosis usually resolves.

Systemic diseases

In addition, systemic disorders can also cause underarm sweating. These include the following diseases:

  • endocrine system (diabetes mellitus, obesity);
  • colds viral;
  • infectious (tuberculosis, malaria);
  • nervous system (neurasthenia, depression);
  • genetic disorders;
  • cardiovascular (stroke, low blood glucose);
  • vegetative dystonia, etc.

Hormonal changes

Hyperhidrosis can be observed with hormonal changes, for example, during menopause, pregnancy, taking contraceptives in women, in adolescence. A doctor can help determine the problem causing excessive underarms sweating. Often, after eliminating the root cause (if possible), the problem of excessive sweating disappears forever or for a long time.


It also happens that increased sweating is not a consequence of the disease, but refers to the hereditary or genetic characteristics of a particular person. Often, hyperhidrosis is accompanied by an unpleasant odor, and a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria is created in the armpits. Thus, getting rid of excessive armpit sweating is necessary not only to eliminate discomfort, but also to keep health.

Sweaty armpits cure

Cosmetology procedures help to cure armpit sweating. At the same time, it is very important to contact a reliable clinic and an experienced specialist, since such methods involve intradermal injections.

Among the options for how to deal with underarm sweating, conservative options are also used. This is the use of antiperspirants, which include components that prevent profuse sweating, some medications, medicinal baths. The action of such methods does not always give the desired effect, it allows for a short and insignificant decrease in sweating. Some of these funds can cause individual intolerance; they cannot be used without a doctor’s prescription.

Injection treatment of excessive underarm sweating

Botulinum toxin injections today are one of the most effective, safe and simple options of dealing with excessive underarm sweating. It is the injection method that doctors recognized as the best clinic options.

Botulinum toxin treatment is carried out locally in problem areas. To minimize discomfort, the doctor pre-treats the axillary area with an anesthetic. After anesthesia, the drug is injected pointwise, it begins to block the transmission of impulses to the sweat glands of the muscle. The specialist accurately calculates the required injection dose to eliminate perspiration.

The result of using such a remedy for underarm sweating as botulinum toxin is the elimination of the problem for a period of 6 to 10 months. The blockage of the sweat glands occurs within 2-3 weeks. After the end of the drug action, the procedure can be repeated. The whole process is as comfortable as possible and takes a small amount of time – from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

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