Facial Blushing Hyperhidrosis – Essence, Possible Treatment

Facial Blushing Hyperhidrosis - Essence, Possible TreatmentConstantly damp hair and the appearance that you have just left the sauna are unpleasant phenomena faced by everyone who suffers from excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the head and face. You can spend a lot of time washing and styling your hair, the result will always be disappointing: the head will quickly have a sloppy look.

Often, excessive face and head sweating is associated with one or another disorder in the body, with any pathology, excess weight, as well as with an emotional reaction to external factors. Perhaps you too have noticed that you start to sweat a lot when you are worried, fearful or angry.

But it also happens that local hyperhidrosis occurs due to the peculiarities of the sweat glands’ functioning, the activity of which in a certain part of the body exceeds all permissible norms. In such cases, we are talking about primary, or causeless, hyperhidrosis, and it is often caused by heredity factors.

Facial primary hyperhidrosis is the body’s reaction to experienced human emotions, spicy food, and physical activity. Cranial primary hyperhidrosis is a phenomenon caused by dysfunction of the sweat glands.

Speaking specifically about excessive facial sweating:

  • sweating of the temporal zones may occur after mumps;
  • sweating of the chin often occurs as a result of damage to the salivary gland during surgery;
  • sweating of the nose occurs in the presence of chronic dermatosis;
  • sweating of the forehead is associated with vegetative-vascular dystonia, etc.

How can scalp hyperhidrosis be treated? There are very good news for those who are tired of soggy hair on their heads and sweat trickling down their face and neck at the most inopportune moment. Face hyperhidrosis at an important business meeting, on a date in the company of significant people is not very pleasant, and sometimes even unacceptable.

Head hyperhidrosis treatment

The best way to eliminate excessive sweating of the head, face or other parts of the body is Botox or Dysport injections. Both of these drugs contain botulinum toxin type A, which blocks the signal coming to the nerve endings of the sweat glands, as a result of which the latter cease to function and secrete sweat.

The essence of the procedure. First, the doctor conducts the Minor’s test to pinpoint the problem areas where the drug should be injected. After that, injections are made in the desired dosage, the number of units of the drug is determined individually. The procedure is over. You can safely leave the clinic and go doing your business.

The first changes will come in the first coming days: you will notice that your head sweats much less. Sweating will stop completely within two weeks. Finally, you can enjoy a dry head, beautiful styling and flawless makeup for a very long time – up to a year. You will really like the result of botulinum toxin therapy.

Features of the treatment of facial hyperhidrosis

Face hyperhidrosis requires a particularly careful approach to treatment, since the chosen method should be as gentle and aesthetic as possible. Therefore, the preferred areas of therapy are:

  • using a laser. In areas with the most intense face sweating, the destruction of the sweat glands is carried out using a laser. At the same time, the functionality of the remaining sweat glands is preserved, which ensures normal skin thermoregulation;
  • botulinum toxin injections. Preparations containing botulinum toxin are injected into the areas of the face, in which the sweat glands are most active. As a result, their functions are suspended for 6-9 months.

Since with face sweating, concomitant skin problems (acne, peeling, irritation, etc.) are often found, extra procedures are recommended after the treatment completion and the rehabilitation period to restore skin health.

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