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"Thank you Center for the Cure of Sweaty Palms™. Your staff was compassionate, caring, and very professional. You made me feel like family. I was attended to in prompt and hospitable manner. Everything was thoroughly explained in detail to me. I can't wait to tell everyone how successful my surgery was! You are definitely a Five Star Hyperhidrosis full starsHyperhidrosis full starsHyperhidrosis full starsHyperhidrosis full starsHyperhidrosis full stars Facility!
- Reno, Nevada

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"My hands are 100% cured and my feet are about 80% cured. I'm very happy to be wearing sandals now."

Montgomery, Alabama

"There were no problems and no side effects. Thank you!"

Anchorage, Alaska

I had sweaty palms since I was 5 or 6 years old. As I grew older and attended school, my hands and feet were constantly wet. I seek many treatments for my problem but none worked. I did not think that sweaty palms could be cure. I was extremly excited and hopeful when I heard about Center For The Cure Of Sweaty Palms™.

I was a bus driver and had difficulty controlling the steering wheel because my hands were too sweaty. I had to wear gloves to be able to operate the bus. I decided to have the surgery because I was in contact with coworkers and clients on a daily basis. When you have sweaty palms, shaking hands with another is almost an impossible task.

I am so excited that there is a cure. I am so happy I could not describe it in words. My back sweats a little more than usual after the surgery but that is minor compare to having the sweaty palms. I have experienced many positive outcomes from the surgery. I am less tired on the job, for example, because my hands no longer sweat. I feel great.

I strongly suggest that anyone suffering from sweaty palms should consult the Doctor to have the surgery. I suffered from this problem for more than 20 years, and Center For The Cure Of Sweaty Palms™ was able to cure it.

Phoenix, Arizona


"My hands are cured."

Tucson, Arizona

"If I had known the result was this good, I would have done it four months ago." "Thank you."

Little Rock, Arkansas

Dear Center For The Cure of Sweaty Palms™,
I just wanted to let you know that I consider my operation of two weeks ago a complete success. My palms are dry now. My feet are about 50% drier. The first several days after the operation I had some compensatory sweating on my arms and back, but now it appears that even this has largely gone away. And the operation and post-op was not painful or difficult.

I appreciate your good work. Thanks again.

Long Beach, California


Dear Dr.Baumgartner and the Center For The Cure of Sweaty Palms™,

I suffered from hyperhydrosis in my hands and feet from birth, an embarrassment that hindered me in many ways. Whether facing an introduction or a dance lesson, I feared contact with other people because I always received the same negative responss--"Gross! What's wrong with you? Why are your hands wet?" I remember giving a presentation in front of the class in 5th grade and watching in horror as my hands literally dripped to the floor with sweat, not due to nerves but because of the hyperhydrosis.

People constantly asked me if I was nervous, even though I have always been quite confident and comfortable in front of an audience... except when it came to piano recitals. As the piano teacher's daughter, I was supposed to be the star, but I dreaded perfoming because my hands ofter slipped off the keys and my mother had to wipe the piano off with a towel before the next student could play. My love for piano diminished out of the continual embarrassment and anxiety the hyperhydrosis caused.

When it came time for driving lessons, I had to be careful that my hands didn't slip off the wheel! I tried to conceal my sweaty plams by repeatedly wiping them on the seat, but the instructor still noticed. People always noticed, no matter what I tried. Other doctors gave me therapies that didn't work at all, and then admonished me for not applying them correctly when I informed them of their failure. I feared I would never hold someone's hand, and resolved to avoid situations that involved that kind of contact. The only problem was that I couldn't avoid those situations because using your hands is a part of everyday life. For example, testing or note-taking involves using your hands and when the sweat soaked through my papers, I was mortified! I also had to start over many a time because the ink ran all over the page. Another example occurred in choir. In my singing group, we had apre-performance ritual where all 40 girls held hands while practicing. I suffered internally from the strange glances and whispers, but I never told anyone how much it bothered me; I just kept the pain locked away.

The final blow occurred during a scholarship interview for UCLA. With head held high in confidence that my answers would be satisfactory to the panel of alumni, I walked into the room fully expecting to walk out the the same feeling of buoyancy. After what I deemed to be a successful meeting, the leader of the panel ushered me out and shook my hand goodbye. Right then, I felt like my world was shatted merely by the look of the disgust on her face. I had tried to dry my hand before shaking hers, but it was in vain and hand she shook was cold and clammy, conveying a sense of nervousness that I did not feel! I tried to smile and walk camly away, but inside I was crying.

When I heard the advertisement for your clinic on the radio, new hope arose in me because I longed for a normal fife without hyperhydrosis. After a consulation with Dr. Baumgartner and the friendly staff the Center For The Cure of Sweaty Palms™, I knew that my life would never be the same. Excitement doesn't begin to describe how I felt! I wanted to cry for joy, and once the surgery was over, I did. My hands were completely dry and warm! The sweating in my feet had diminished greatly, as well. And now, I readily shake people's hands, I play the piano with ease, and I'm taking tango lessons with my friends at UCLA. I could not resist the opportunity to write you of how much you have helped me. Thank you for curing my sweaty palms and for giving me a new lease on life. You have truly changed my life and I am forever grateful.

Los Angeles, California


I just wanted to thank you for something that I thought I would be forced to live with for the rest of my life. I have been searching for a cure for my sweaty hands for years and it wasn't until I heard your radio ad that I had some hope. I had seen physicians and dermatologists alike in search for a cure, all that they could prescribe was liquid coating that would basically cover my hands and wear off almost immediately, or the pill that would dry out not only my hands but my entire body leaving me with terrible headaches. The difference this has made in my personal and business life is immense. I am no longer afraid of introducing myself or shaking hands with important clients. I do not have to make excuses like I just washed my hands, or I was just holding a cold can of soda. I do not have to rub my hands against my leg for the five minutes before a meeting ends hoping that my hand would be dry by the time I have to shake hands. This truly is a blessing and unless you suffer from this disease, you cannot possibly understand the repercussions of it. Thank you so much for making feel normal, which is all I ever wanted.

Los Angeles, California


To Whom It May Concern:
I am 16 years old and was diagnosed with Hyperhidrosis of the palms and feet when I was about 8 years old. I have this condition since I was an infant.

This condition hindered my lifestyle in many aspects. My hands and feet would sweat uncontrollably for no reason, sometimes at the worst possible times.

Simple tasks like writing were difficult since my hands would ruin the paper. Similarly for reading magazines and books, my hands would ruin the pages. Sometimes my hands would swell with so much moisture that I would lose dexterity in my fingers. I had to use pads of paper under my hands when doing writing assignments or taking tests to prevent the sweat from destroying the paper and smearing my writing.

I am also a music student, and my swollen and sweaty hands made playing the clarinet difficult. My hands would slip off of some of the keys when I played. This became a problem during festivals and concerts.

I enjoy playing some sports, especially basketball, and sweaty hands made my grip on the ball loose. When we played softball in PE, I had a hard time holding onto the bat. In fact, holding onto anything was difficult.

One of the worst things about having hyperhidrosis is that it is embarrassing! Shaking hands, or touching people with your hands in any way would draw looks, questions or even rude comments. Whenever I was nervous, I would sweat even more than normal, even to the point where it would drip from my hands. I would have pools of sweat on my laptop when I had typed for long periods of time. Sometimes I would sweat so much it would corrode away the inside of my rings and leave sweat stains on my watch.

When I complained to my doctor, she had me try putting antiperspirant on my hands and feet to see if it would lessen the sweating. When that didn't work, she had me use Drysol on my hands and feet. Oddly enough, the Drysol made my hands and feet sweat worse! She said that botox injections were another option, but she discouraged us from trying it because of its expense, it is a painful procedure and is only a temporary solution anyway.

My father also had this condition, but he recently had it cured with surgery. We consulted with The Center for the Cure of Sweaty Palms in February 2004. The doctor there explained that the benefit to risk ratio of the surgery was high, and my hands would never sweat again. He also explained that my feet and underarms would probably sweat a lot less.

I had surgery done in April 2004 and when I came out of surgery, my hands were dry! Since having surgery, my life has greatly improved. My hands no longer sweat or swell, which makes writing, reading, playing sports, and meeting people much easier. My confidence level has risen a lot, because it is no longer embarrassing for me to meet new people. I no longer have the fear that someone will make a nasty comment or give me a weird look after shaking my hand. My hands never hurt anymore due to swelling and can type faster, write faster, and play my instrument faster. In fact, my whole body sweats less including my face, underarms, and feet. I wear flip-flops almost everyday now, which was impossible before the surgery because they were almost always damp, but not my hands and feet stay dry and clean. Since having this surgery I am much happier and my life has been made easier and more enjoyable.

Poway, California

"Family: "He's very happy now that his hands are dry."

San Diego, CaliforniaReturn to Top


Dear Center For The Cure of Sweaty Palms™,

During many years prior to my surgery, I had tried numerous medical treatments without sufficient result. Now, it has been a few months since I had my surgery (12/7/02) at the Center for the Cure of Sweaty Palms™. I am extremely happy with the results as my condition improved well beyond my expectations. I would like to share my experience in the following summary.

Before the surgery:

In my professional life as an engineer, I work daily with computer, participate in meetings, conduct site visits. I had excessive sweating on my hands and palms which usually became cold, sticky sweat in the air-conditioned office environment and warm sticky sweat outdoors.

It was difficult to work with computer key board as my hands absorbed dust and I had to run and wash my hands constantly. In meetings, beside of the embarrassment to shake hands, I had to avoid to touch documents, handouts, overheads as everything I touched stuck to my hands and my fingers left wet stains. Also tools got slippery in my hands which sometimes even caused minor injuries. I had to be careful to touch any equipment that I needed to handle such as laptop, camera, compass etc... and so I had to wash and dry my hands excessively.

After the surgery:

Now that I had a few months after treatment experience, I can gladly tell you that all the above problems are gone. Sometimes I notice some compensatory sweating on the chest but only when exposed to very hot weather conditions. I have now a pleasant warm feeling in my hands without sweating. Consequently, I have no problem to work on the key board, handle documents or anything that I need to do indoors or outdoors.

As a result, I no longer leave stains on things that I touch and I confidently go to meetings and shake hands.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the positive change that your treatment brought to both my professional and personal life.

Please also give my best regards to all your friendly staff who made me feel comfortable and gave me excellent professional care.

P.S. Also my feet sweating problem is gone!

San Francisco, California

"Very happy, glad to talk on the radio."

San Jose, California

I went to a jewelry store and sat next to the hot lights after I had my surgery because I wanted to make sure my hands were really cured. In the past, I was afraid to do this because my hands would be dripping wet. After ten minutes, my hands were still dry. I gave a sigh of relief and thought to myself that my dream of being normal had finally came true. I have spent so many years being frustrated. My relationship with my wife has improved tremendously after the surgery.

SanJose, California


"I have no problems and no side effects, and I'm very pleased with the surgery, I'll send a letter. Thanks. I will refer my friends."

Denver, Colorado

Dear Center For The Cure of Sweaty Palms™,

I just wanted to let you all know that everything has gone well since the surgery 10 days ago. This past Friday, exactly 1 week after the surgery, I went out for a 20-mile bike ride (not at my max effort, of course!!!). The tapes begin to fall off, and the incision sites are no longer bothersome. Back pain is not noticeable until I inhale to near my total lung capacity. My hands and feet are completely dry. I 've examined many patients and assisted several ECTs during this psych rotation since getting back without a drop of sweat. I only have compensatory sweating on the back and stomach when I'm in the 80-90°F of heat of Denver. (The compensatory sweating doesn't bother me much.)

I want to thank all the staff, in particular the Center for the Cure of Sweaty Palms™, for making my entire trip to California and the stress of the surgery completely bearable. Your wonderful treatment of patients exemplified the art of patient care and truly inspired me to live up to this standard as I go along my medical career!

Again, thank you all! My best wishes.

Denver, Colorado

Dr. Baumgartner: Thank you [and your staff] so much for helping me with this problem that I have had since childhood. Without a doubt, all aspects of my life will improve because of this surgery. This still feels weird, and I'm sure it will take many days to finally get used to this change in myself. Every morning when I wake up, I wil have to stop myself just to make sure this is true. Thank you again, for you don't know [though I bet you can guess] how much this means to me.

Hartford, Connecticut

Thank you Dr. Baumgartner! This surgery has changed my life! I would recommend anyone who suffers from hyperhidrosis to have the procedure done. It is amazing to think that you can actually do things that other people take for granted like shaking hands.

Dover, Delaware

I just wanted to start by saying thank you so much for curing my antagonizing sweaty problem. You are a truly God send to people like me. I cannot tell you enough, the feeling I get from having dry hands and feet. It's such a life changing experience for me. I have lived with the problem my entire life with the desperate, hopeless notion that it was incurable. Many times in my life I wish that I didn't have my hands and feet, it's that miserable. Nothing feels more embarrassing than shaking someone's hands, then they turn around and wipe it back on your shirt and say "your hands are so wet". How would that make anybody feel?

Needless to say, after so many embarrassing encounters, I became so drawn back to the point of not wanting to shake hands with anyone anymore. But that's impossible to do.

It's been a week since the surgery. The pain is subsided. The sweat has completely stopped in both my hands and feet. For the very first time in my life that I love shaking peoples' hands again. Again, I truly appreciate the caring, the professionalism to you and Ms. Tina, Ms. Lien, and Christine. Please feel free to have anybody to contact me to inquire about the surgery. May God bless you and your family for providing such sacred services to your fellow human beings.

Orlando, Florida

I am overjoyed with the results of the surgery. I thank God and our blessed Mother for Dr. Baumgartner and his staff. Thank you Dr. Baumgartner and staff for this miracle procedure. God bless you all.

Tallahassee, Florida

"Oh, great thank you. I will refer my friends."

Atlanta, Georgia


"Thank you Center For The Cure Of Sweaty Palms™. Here give me a big hand shake."

Hilo, Hawaii

"Thank you, you guys are my heroes."

Honolulu, Hawaii

"My hands are completely dry. I'm very happy I had the surgery. Thanks."

Idaho Falls, IdahoReturn to Top

"I'm so happy now that my hands are nice and warm."

Chicago, Illinois

"That's amazing, how did he do that?"

Rockford, Illinois

Thank you doctor. I'm very happy with the result. Thank you!!!

Indianapolis, Indianapolis


After the surgery, I feel like a new person. I have so much more confidence, and I feel like shaking everyone's hand. This was the best choice I have ever made. I'm so happy! Thank you!

Des Moines, Iowa

Dear Dr. Baumgartner and Staff,
It is a blessing from me to know you only as a doctor, but a doctor with a gift. I knew I was in God's hand in which I can entrust my life thorough your hands. Thank you so much, now I am very happy, having more self-confidence in myself. You will always be in my prayers.

Topeka, Kentucky


"It's worth the trip flying all the way to California to do this."

New Orleans, Lousiana

"I've never been so happy to do a surgery before. Thanks."

Boston, Massachussettes

"My hands are dry now it's so awesome. I'm really glad I went to Center For The Cure Of Sweaty Palms™. My feet are the same. Now my face and head are dry. It's great to be able to go to the gym and not sweat on my face, head, hands or feet. Thank you so much."

Boston, Massachussetts


"No problems and no side effects, thanks!"

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Husband: "She's very happy now, her hands are all dried. Thanks to Center For The Cure Of Sweaty Palms™."

St Paul, Minnesota

"Thank you! I'll happy to refer anybody."

Jackson, Mississippi

"My hands are all cure, I'm very happy to have done the surgery. Thanks!"

Jefferson City, Missouri

To whom it may concern,
I am 23 years old. I have lived with the condition of hyperhidrosis my whole life. I have been told, " This problem is no big deal", "You will grow out of it in time", "Just don't touch metal objects", "What a freak of nature you are" and many more. People without this condition do not understand how this can make situations that require lifestyle changes. Everytime I want to write on a piece of paper I have to use a piece of paper between my hand and the paper that I am writing on to prevent the paper from being damaged. In the third grade my teacher gave me a spelling test I got all of the answers right. But, still received an F on my paper because he could see were my hand had left sweat marks on the edge. From then on, I knew that this would be a part of my life that would have to be compensated for every day, every hour and every minute.

I make a living as a machinist. The tools and parts I use are made from ground steel. Every time I would pick up a peice of steel the next day they would have rusty fingerprints on them. This makes it complex. All the parts and my tools must maintain oil coating to prevent rust. This decreases my ability to maintain a steady grip. The shop I work for has had jobs sent back due to rust from where I touched the parts. At church or in public, I would keep contact with people to a minimum. I would avoid shaking hands, or be seen wiping my hands on my pants first to decrease the sweat. Most individuals did not understand I had no control or that they could not catch this condition from me. Stressful events did not help like driving a car in gridlock or when bad weather comes along. I tried to hold my girlfriend's hand once that's all it took. Then I realized that's not something that people with my problem get to do. Who would want to hold a clammy, wet hand?

I tried medicine from Beta Blockers to lotions to antipsychotic to no avail. I was using Drysol. At the beginning it was great. I had dry hands for two weeks in between doses. The slowly the medication started to lose its affect on me. Instead of applying once every two weeks it was once every two days. I started to look on the internet for other alternatives and found the web site for the Center for the Cure of Sweaty Palms™. My doctor checked out the Center for the Cure of Sweaty Palms™. He found it to have an incredible record of successfully curing other people with my condition.

From there it has been like a dream come true. The staff at the center has been great at answering all of my questions, helping me with the insurance paperwork, and just being very supportive in every aspect. They even were able to arrange a hotel that would drive me to my appointments. The hotel has very reasonable rates with above average accommodations. The doctor took his time answering all my questions, and putting my fears a side the day before the operation.

I am very happy with my hands from the time I woke up I could feel my hands were dry. I feel like I have a new release on life. I am no longer a freak with a disease. I am able to enjoy holding or shaking hands with someone with out whipping my hand first. I feel confident of my grip at work and in the car.

Thank you. You have given me a new lease on life.

Helena, Montana

I want to thank you so much for all that you did to help me. With your assistance, I was able to have the surgery that changed my life. I can now shake hands without embarrassment (this is a big deal for me). It has now been one week exactly since the day of surgery and I am recovering well. I am doing almost everything that I did before the surgery without pain, although I haven't tried to throw a softball yet. Without your help, I probably would not have even considered going to Center For The Cure Of Sweaty Palms™, but now I am so glad that I did.

P.S.: Look. no sweat marks on the paper!

Las Vegas, Nevada

"Thank you Center for the Cure of Sweaty Palms™. Your staff was compassionate, caring, and very professional. You made me feel like family. As soon as I walked in, I was attended to in prompt and hospitable manner. Everything was thoroughly explained in detail to me and made me feel comfortable and well informed before, during, and after the procedure. Dr. Baumgartner is excellent and professional; I can't wait to tell everyone how successful my surgery was! You are definitely a Five Star Facility!"

Reno, Nevada


I had sweaty palms ever since I started school. This condition made me very uncomfortable. My teacher, for example, always noticed that my books were dirty because the inks smeared easily from the sweat of my hands. I knew at a young age that I was not normal. I, however, did not think that having sweaty palms was an important issue. As I grew older, this condition became a great hassle because it interfered with my life. I was embarrassed often by this problem during my teenage years. Everything I touched became dirty. Not only were my hands sweaty, but also my underarms. For this reason, I was unable to wear silk or colored clothing. I had to wear black or white shirts so that people would not notice the excessive sweating. I broke out in cold sweat everytime I was nervous or going on job interviews. My parents took me to several doctors, but they were unable to find a cure for my sweaty hands. My mother even consulted with a Chinese herbalist but that too was unsuccessful. I received telephone number of Center For The Cure Of Sweaty Palms™ from a friend, and luckily my insurance was willing to pay for the procedure. I had the surgery performed from Center For The Cure Of Sweaty Palms™ and when I woke up, my hands were dry. I was extremely excited, and wanted to go on Saigon Radio to tell everygbody about it. If anyone has this sickness, he or she should consult with Center For The Cure Of Sweaty Palms™because this is your only chance to be successful in curing it.

Trenton, New Jersey

"I'm so happy that my hands are finally dry. I can now shake hands without embarrassment."

Albuquerque, New MexicoReturn to Top

I suffered from sweaty hands and feet for as long as I could remember. I was ashamed and embarrassed to share my problem with my family and friends. I even felt uneasy discussing it openly with my girlfriend. All in all, my sweating problem was serious and it complicated my life.

When I was young, I slept with two pillows - one on top of my head and the other below my feet. I was sweating so much while sleeping that I had to use the pillows to soak up the sweat at night. I struggled with handling books and school supplies because the were soaked in my sweat. Furthermore, work became a challenge when I had to wear gloves in performing my job duties. The gloves were very uncomfortable because my hands became dripping wet the minute I put them on.

I contacted Center For The Cure Of Sweaty Palms™ but was a bit hesitant in making an appointment for my consultation visit. Since I had suffered excessive sweating all my life, I was skeptical in believing that someone would be able to cure my sweaty hands and feet. Like other patients, I did not believe my sweating problem could be cured until I had surgery. I am very content with the result.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

"My hands are dry, I'm very happy with the result. Thank you."

New York, New York

"My hands are dried, I'm very happy, thanks!"

Charlotte, North Carolina

"Not only are my hands dry, my face also stop sweating. I couldn't apply any makeup on before, but now I can. Thanks."

Dayton, Ohio

"Thank you, thank you. I don't know what to say, my hands are finally dried, thank you so much."

Eugene, Oregon
As a little boy, I already have sweaty palms. I was miserable because this illness has been with me all my life. I dreaded attenting church or social gatherings because it meant I had to face others. Also, I had difficulty handing tools at work because everything I touched became wet. I am very happy with the result of my surgery. Thanks to Center For The Cure Of Sweaty Palms™ , I feel years younger. I highly recommend Center For The Cure Of Sweaty Palms™ to anyone who is suffering from sweaty palms.

Portland, Oregon

"Thank you, my hands are dry, I'm so happy."

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


"Hands are dry, very happy."

Westerly, Rhode Island

"I have no problems and no side effects. It is OK to put my name and number on the internet. Thanks!"

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

"Wow, you guys are the best Unbelievable! My hands are finally dry."

Memphis, Tennessee


After 15 years living with sweaty palms, I finally experienced dry hands and feet! Anyone suffering from sweaty hands should definitely consider having the surgery as soon as possible. You will understand the great feeling once you have it done. When you have sweaty palms, it is not an easy task to attend a job interview or handle a customer's package. I want to express my great gratitude to Center For The Cure Of Sweaty Palms™ because he has given me confidence to face all the challenges I was not able to handle before my surgery.

Dallas, Texas

"Time for a vacation. It worked, it really worked."

Houston, Texas
"I am very happy to have come to California to Center For The Cure Of Sweaty Palms™. Both my hands and feet are now dry. If anyone in the Houston, Texas area would like to talk with me, it's OK. Please call Center for the Cure of Sweaty Palms™ for my number. 1-866-PALM-911."

Houston, Texas

Dear Center For The Cure of Sweaty Palms™,

I would like to thank you for a successful operation on my sweaty palms! Just one day after I feel like a new person, and I thank God that I found you and I want to thank Chris for her wonderful support and your great team, that took really well care of me.

Provo, Utah
I had my surgery on May 1999. I wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the results. Now I go out of my way to shake hands with people. It really has improved the quality of my life and I am so thankful that this alternative is now available. I was back at the gym four days after the operation working on lower body exercises. The pain was manageable with the prescription and gradually subsided over the course of the first week. Although I have compensatory sweating on the chest and back it is fairly minimal and definitely preferable to having dripping wet hands. I also appreciate the efforts of your office and clinic staff. They looked after having the insurance approved within a couple of hours of my consultation. They also made me feel very comfortable and ensured that everything ran smoothly. After suffering with this condition for 25 years, I am very grateful to Center For The Cure Of Sweaty Palms™.

Salt Lake City, Utah

"My hands are all dried, and my feet are cured. Thanks!".

Father. "He's doing great, there were no side effects and we're very happy. Thank you very much and YES, let everyone call us, we'll be very happy to get you a few thousand customers."

Richmond, Virginia

"I'm very thankful and I'm very happy with this surgery. Thank You!"

Richmond, Virginia

"Dear Dr. Baumgartner ..... Well, actually you lended more than just your hands..... what you're done for (my husband) was that you not only stopped his sweating problems on his hands and feet but you gave him confidence. I haven't seen him this happy and excited. We truly appreciate what you've done!! Thank you and we wish you continued success!!"

Seattle, Washington

"My hands and feet were like wet ghost, but now they are so nice, dry and warm. I can now drive and shake hands with ease." "Many other positive comments were said on Vietnamese radio station."

Tacoma, Washington


I just wanted to send a note in regards to the surgery I had on Feb .11, 2003. As a result of having sweaty palms and underarms for over 20 years, I decided to research a final cure, which I found via the Internet.

This condition has been such a huge problem for me over the years. Being teased by children for having sweat marks on my shirts and having sweaty hands when playing. I used to wear a blue button down sweater all year-long (even when it was 95 degrees out) to hide the sweat under my arms. I would sweat so bad that I would be wet all the way from my armpits down to my waist and down my arm to my forearm. When I was 16 years old I went to a dermatologist who prescribed me with DrySol which did help under my arms although the medicine was very uncomfortable to wear. I would only use the DrySol on my hands when I knew I was going to have a social encounter. It hurts my hands so much it made them crack and bleed at times. The last couple years, the DrySol did not even work anymore on my hands. I also tried the Drionic machine, which was so uncomfortable I was unable to stand it (a large cost that did not even work).

I am looking forward to my new life with dry hands. You cannot believe how my confidence has risen and all the things I can enjoy now. Last year I even sent a letter to our church explaining to Father that I was not attending church due to my condition. It was just too embarrassing to shake and hold hands in church. I will be returning to church this week! I will also be able to braid my daughters hair without her screaming because I am pulling too much. When my husband picked me up from the airport, I held his hand all they way home. And now when I watch the Packers play, I can 'high five' my friends !

Because I work in the sales & marketing department for a manufacturing firm, I have many business contacts and I will no longer have to hide in the bathroom when someone comes to meet with me. I will gladly meet and shake hands with anyone now.

You have made a dream come true for me and I Thank You so very much. I would also like to say that Dr. Baumgartner and his staff were so friendly, they really made me feel very comfortable. If you ever need a referral, please don't hesitate to give my number out.

Thank you again!

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Dr. Baumgartener and Staff, 

Thank you very much for your service. 


I was very nervous on the day of my surgery and the staff, everyone i met that day, was fantastic. I barely waited, was treated kindly and professionally and my procedure was 100% successful to have had such a pleasant experience due to your competent staff. Thank you Marivel, Karla, Dr. Baumgartner, Dr. Wong, Marla, and the nurses in recovery

Sincerely, Christina Q.
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